Summary of Blogs #WSP101

Throughout the semester we have been told about different topics to write different blogs on. I didn’t know very much about blogging before, so this was a whole different world to me. It is really quite neat that there are sites like this that let you truly share whatever feelings or opinions you have. By broadening my skills in blog use, I have opened my mind to new ways of learning. It has made me develop new research skills and a new way of expressing myself.

On the other side of this, it has made my writing skills a little more casual than I would like, but that is an easy fix.

Here are some brief summaries and links to our blog posts from throughout the semester:

  • First blog: Given a link of “Pillars of Institutional Pedagogy: Ten Principles for the Future of Learning” we wrote a blog on the Five Principles of Learning.

Second Blog: For this blog, we were told to keep an attention log for a week. After that week was up, this blog post was due. Basically analyzing and tracking what we learned from this attention log and putting it into words.

  • Third Blog: For this blog, we were given a prompt that basically stated, “What do you want to learn? What are you curious about?” or in other words, our Big Question. It was allowed to be broad and didn’t necessarily have to go along with what we wanted to create as our major. My question was, “Why do people feel so opinionated to life situations that don’t apply to their own?” This question is very broad, yes, but applies to a lot of daily situations with go through such as racism, sexism, and another example I explained in my blog post.
  • Fourth Blog: For this blog, we already had our Big Question, and we wanted to expand that even farther and find a TED talk or another type of talk that relates. Once we found one, we had to analyze our speaker as well. I chose a TED talk by Morgana Bailey.
  • Fifth Blog: For this blog, we had to come up with a question about social media that we wanted to explore. At this point in time in class we were reading chapters from It’s Complicated and these chapters went relativity well with the publicity of social media. My blog post reflects my thoughts and questions well as my question is, “Is anything truly private on the Internet?”
  • Sixth Blog: For this blog, we went over what our teaching topic in the class was going to be. I chose Architecture and when my day came I would take 3o minutes of class time and be the teacher. More specifically I taught the class about the architecture in Uptown Whittier.
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