Teaching Topic: Architecture in Uptown

For my teaching topic I decided not to go with my big question, I chose to go with my passion in life and that is Architecture. Not only is it the architecture that keeps my creativity alive but it is the certain culture that goes along with it.

Architecture is different in every single part of the world. From victorian style houses to small bungalows, the architectural world has a broad horizon. In my class session I would like to talk to everyone about the beautiful styles of houses and buildings in Uptown Whittier.

Uptown Whittier is a very historical place and dates architecture starting from 1880 to 1950. There are eight different main types of houses: Victorian, Transitional/Four-Square, Craftsman, Mission Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Minimal Traditional. I will talk about how these styles came into place in Whittier and how the culture had something to do with it.

For Homework Before Class:

Please go to the link:


  1. Once you have clicked the link, please read about the eight different types of styles located on the left hand side.

2. Uptown Whittier is an easily accessible place for all of us to go. So, before class on the 7th of November, find a building that you think is beautiful or interesting to you, take a picture, and tweet it with the caption #UptownArchitecture. Also please include the class hashtag.

I also do not want pictures of our campus, we see that every single day. PLEASE VENTURE OUTSIDE WHITTIER COLLEGE.

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