Know How To Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate Right Now

Let us just begin with a basic question, “What is a Landing Page?”

According to Unbounce, a landing page is “any web page that a visitor can arrive at or ‘land’ on. However, it’s more common to refer to landing page as being a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective”

The landing page acts as a first step towards your conversion funnel as it is responsible for converting your website visitors into leads and sales.

Whether your business goal is to sell products, generate leads or anything else, optimizing the landing page will ultimately lead to higher conversions and will get more business for you.

Landing page conversion rate is a strong indicator of how well your business is performing and getting online success.

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Huge PPC budget can get deliver very high-quality traffic to you but if you are directing all your quality traffic to a wrong landing page or probably the home page then you are simply burning up your budget.

To save up your budget, you should take some extra steps to make sure that you direct all your quality traffic to an optimized landing page.

Having an optimized landing page will increase the conversion rate which is the foundation of high sales volume.

Since landing page holds a lot of significance in terms conversion rate.

Therefore, is becomes very important for a marketer to understand it’s valued and further take steps to optimize landing pages so as to increase the conversion rate.

Some of the strategies to increase the landing page conversion rate are:

Image Source: Unbounce

1. Create Attention Grabbing Headlines

In the image given above, you can easily see the headline for Unbounce is eye catchy, short and clear, which makes it an ideal one.

Bitter truth is that your headline has only a few seconds to grab the attention of the user.

So make sure that your headline is straightforward to get the user’s attention instantly.

You also have to be 100% sure that not only your headline grabs the attention of the user instantly but also explains what the particular landing page is offering.

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A good headline creates the much needed first impression that is relevantly important in generating a lead or making a sale.

Moreover, you should always test several headlines to see which one gets the best response from the visitors.

Make your headline short, clear and precise, just the Copyblogger has done it.

Copyblogger’s headline is concise, clear and accurate.

Image Source: Copyblogger

Another thing to note here is that create headlines that are capable of letting your visitor know about your offering and then convincing your visitor to act upon your CTA.

Remember, a great headline has the potential to increase your conversion rate.

2. Remove Distractions

Image Source: Square

Every single visitor that lands on your Landing Page are a potential customer.

And obviously, you would not want your potential visitor to simply bounce because of the irrelevant distractions on your landing page.

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A/B test the landing page to check on the items that could divert your visitor away from the goal.

The more inputs or actions your visitors goes through, the less likely they are to take any conversion decision.

You can have a quick look at the download case study landing page of Uhuru that has an appropriate headline, features of the Case Study, a form and a clear CTA button with not a single distraction.

Minimize distractions like non-essential product options, links, extra information that can increase the bounce rate of your landing page.

To get rid of the distractions, you can shrink or remove the irrelevant menu, eliminate sidebars and big headers and take off the irrelevant images.

When you wipe off all the distractions, the visitor is only left with two options: either to act upon the CTA or to simply close the window.

Image Source: Dropbox

Removal of distractions can significantly improve the conversion rate of any landing page.

3. Highlight The USP

Image Source:

The home page of has a clear and concise headline, USP that is prominent and they have even included a check box that requests a demo, which is automatically notable.

Whether you are a marketing professional for years or a newbie entering the marketing space, there is a good chance that you must have heard about the Unique Selling Proposition aka USP.

But what does USP really mean?

In general terms, USP is a simple sentence that explains how your product/service is different from the competitors and why this difference makes your product/service the best solution to the problems of the users.

Just like your headline, the USP also holds relative importance in determining the success of your conversion rate.

Often some marketers try to improve the landing page results by testing the page elements like the font color, size, images, etc.

The testing of the page elements is indeed important but you should know that the primary focus should be making your USP powerful and conversion oriented.

There are certain points that you should keep in mind while creating an extraordinary USP:

  • Know the pain points and fears of your potential customers and modify your USP according to it.
  • Keep A/B testing your USP to get the optimal one.
  • Let your customers know what is there for them and make your USP benefit focused.
  • Instead of using words like “We” and “Our”, use words like “You” and “Your” as these words give a sense of belonging to the users.
  • Use only 3–5 bullet points to further explain your USP.

Therefore, to create a valuable USP you need to reflect on the uniqueness of your company, the products, and services.

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4. Outstanding Call-to-Action

Image Source: HubSpot

CTA is the most important element to remember when you are looking forward to increasing your landing page conversion rate.

If you do not have a CTA, your visitors will not convert into customers.

As simple as that.

Basically, the CTA is the action that you are asking your customers to take.

Ensure that your visitor should not have to look around to find it. They should immediately be drawn towards it when they arrive on the landing page.

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Do not make a common mistake of creating a CTA and sitting back and then later realizing why the conversion rate is low.

You should invest substantial time in developing the CTAs that will help you to reach your conversion goals.

You can make your CTAs stand out in the crowd with the help of these tips:

  • Make your CTA button clear with a contrasting color.
  • Keep the CTA short and use action-oriented words.
  • Use a different color to separate the CTA with the rest of the page.
  • Be more creative with the CTA words. Use top action CTA words like shop, get, save, book now, free.

Image Source: Enchanting Marketing

This is Enchanting Marketing’s home page. And as you can clearly see that there is a contrast between the color of the background and the color of the Call-to-Action which makes the Call-to-Action more notable and appealing.

5. The Power Of Testimonials

Whatever you claim on your website or landing page about your company, product or service is not justified unless it is backed by a proof.

Actually, testimonials are powerful as they are one of the quickest ways to improve landing page conversions.

Testimonials represent a great deal of trust in a company and give your visitors an assurance that your company is valid and authorized.

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So, include a few reviews and testimonials about your brand on your landing page.

This will result in better conversion and sales for your product and services.

To make your testimonials more appealing and attractive, use an accompanying photo of the client or customer along with the testimonial.

Do not include testimonials that say, “they were great” or “highly recommended”. Include personable notes from the clients that include what your business did for them.

6. Use Right Images and Videos

Image Source: LeadPages

A picture tells a thousand words.

Although the content is important but images help to bring out the necessary emotions of the users to take the desired action.

Since images are the most linked and shared on the social sites, therefore, they prove to be very effective when it comes to increasing the landing page conversion rate.

While choosing the images for your landing page, make sure that the pictures are large and are of high quality and also ensure that they are relevant to your product/service.

Image Source: Drift

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Another factor to boost your landing page conversion rate apart from the image are the videos.

Videos can be an effective tool to convert a visitor into a customer.

Include explainer videos, since they explain what your business does.

A short video that explains what your product/service is and how can it help the users can increase your landing page conversion rate significantly.

Explanatory videos are effective because they show your product/service in action.

But be careful, simply including the videos is not enough unless they are directly relevant to your product/service or offer.

7. Optimize Your Landing Page For Mobile Devices

Image Source: Google Developer

According to Google, the websites that are mobile-friendly usually rank higher in the mobile search rankings.

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And that is why it is very important for you to optimize your landing page for the mobile audience.

Also, make sure that your visitors receive a good user experience through your mobile friendly landing pages.

If a mobile visitor finds it difficult to navigate your landing page and complete the desired Call-to-Action, he is more likely to bounce back while dropping your conversion rate.

So, to boost your landing page conversion rate through mobile, you need to do the following things:

  • Keep your entire focus on CTA Button and the headline.
  • Minimize distraction to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Make your mobile landing page highly responsive.
  • Make the text on your mobile landing page easily readable without zooming.
  • Make your phone numbers clickable.
  • Test your mobile landing page.

8. Optimize The Loading Time Of Your Landing Page

Spending a lot of time and effort in creating the right landing page with absolutely perfect images, excellent content, and relevant explanatory videos will go in vain of the loading time of your landing page is high.

Slow loading pages usually bore the visitor and the probability of him to bounce back increases.

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On the other hand, you want to capture the attention of the visitors instantly.

So, for this, you need to reduce the loading time of your landing page.

Apply the 5-second rule here.

The 5-second rule says that you have got 5 seconds to determine whether the visitor is going to act upon the Call-to-Action or simply bounce back.

Ensure that the loading time of your landing page is between 5–7 seconds or else you’ll have to say goodbye to your visitor.

9. Include Contact Information

Gone are the days when people had to pull out Yellow Pages and go through it to find anything that is needful to them, whether a business, product or service.

In the current scenario, more than half of the population conducts an online research through Google to look out for a business, product or service.

By including contact information in your landing page you allow your visitors to get in contact with you.

As a business owner, having contact information on the landing page converts potential visitors into customers.

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Also, if a customer has a question related to the conversion process, they can contact you on the spot to get the desired information.

In your contact information, include a phone number, email address, physical address, map of your locations and the social network links.

You can also add a pop-up chat window to make it easy for your customers to in touch with you.

10. Make It Easy For The Visitor To Convert

Image Source: Ispionage

The main aim of the landing page is to increase conversions.

A visitor arrives at your landing page because they were at first interested in your product/service.

After getting your customers so far in the conversion funnel, you don’t want to give them any options of bouncing back.

Your users should not try to figure out where to click or how to purchase the goods and services from you.

The buying process has to be intuitional and clear.

Make the purchasing process easy by ensuring a trustworthy mode of payment with speed and security.

You can also guide the customers to take the next steps in the buying process.

Ask the customers to fill few fields as possible because the more fields you have in the order or sign up form, the fewer people will fill it.

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This makes a huge difference in increasing your conversion rate.


Landing pages play a crucial role in increasing your conversion rate.

No matter how much traffic you are getting to your website, but if the traffic is not converting into customers, then the traffic is of no use.

Landing pages come to your rescue here. They help you to convert the quality traffic into potential customers.

Remember, landing page optimization is a daunting task and there is no single formula to get it right.

However, with the 10 strategies given above can help you get more conversions from a landing page.

Also, keep testing and experimenting with the landing page to get the right landing that works for your business by increasing conversions.

Originally published at on April 7, 2017.

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