Found my secret to happiness, back in the mountains!


What’s your secret to happiness?

Sounds like a boring question, but if that question made you wait & think, then the next 3 minutes will be very interesting for you.

Let’s start with my answer.

Shimla | Queen of the Hills — Photo by Shikhar Tewari on Unsplash

The mountain that you see in the middle of that picture is what I grew up looking at. Since I was 4 to until I was 15, I lived in Shimla and had the most wonderful and rewarding life.

That mountain was right in front of my eyes when I was at school, at home, on the mall road and even on Unsplash now!

This mountain was an integral part of my life and I didn’t know how much time I’ve spent staring at it and didn’t realize that it will one day bring me so much happiness.

Unfortunately, I did not know it back then.

I come from this beautiful town called Shimla in north of India & I’ve had a very peaceful life growing up. Now after more than a decade of moving to a fast paced city I terribly miss this view.

Shimla | The Ridge

I have gained experiences I ever wanted, I found friends I thought don’t exist, I have achieved all that I wanted to in my career & I still keep going back to how wonderful my life was back home.

I don’t regret moving to the big city.

Even though I get stuck in massive traffic day in and day out, I have to take rigorous efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I work in a big corporate that throws challenges every now & then, I meet people who are pretentious and always up to sucking positivity out of me... there is a lot of distraction and this big diverse city of dreams I live in, sometimes feel so empty!

I constantly feel there’s so much to talk about & tell the world, of all the things that exist and bother me but in the end it really doesn’t matter. Does it?

You meet your friends and complain about how bad the government is, how pathetic it is to pay heavy taxes & how life is not going anywhere.

Let’s be honest, we all do that. Complaining about all the things that don’t add up to any “sense” has become a part of our living being.

I find myself having such a good time & then a discussion of how bad something is always, always comes up! And I forget all my achievements and how I reached this point where I am complaining about stuff I wanted to be a part of.

I wanted to earn more money, but I hate paying heavy taxes.
I wanted to own a car, but I hate traffic.
I wanted a career in a big corporate, but I dislike the culture.

That’s not just me, that’s all of us.

I’ve seen many influential & rich people talk about how money doesn’t bring happiness. Same people who spent their entire life working towards the successful & rich life that they’re living, but, money doesn’t bring happiness anymore?

Money does bring happiness. If not all of it, some kind of constant happiness money will always bring. Let’s be honest, once again?

My happiness lies in knowing & living the fact that I come from a small town that made me dream about a lot of things. About a lot of far off things, like that mountain, that I wanted to acquire some day.

It brings a big smile to my face every time I think of having already achieved what I dreamed for in my small town.

Shimla | The skating rink

That mountain from my hometown, reminds me of how important it is to keep moving ahead, learning to be more resilient & fearless, to give love and appreciate all that you have!

Even if achieving those things brought along with it a few discomforts, so what?

………………………………………………………………………………………follow me!


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During the day I make digital strategy for a MNC & rest of the time I make my dreams come true. Founder & Editor of

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