Let’s try & be Productive this year!

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I logged into my Medium account early morning today as a part of “things I must do” starting New Year. Sadly, could not spend more than a minute on it. That’s because the first thing my eyes landed on made me think a lot about how I spend my hours that turn into days that turn into months.

Well, the article my eyes landed on read out loud in bold, “How to be more Productive in 2019”

How to be “more” Productive in 2019??

Are we really productive that we could be “more” productive this year?

The entire day today I kept thinking of so many distractions in our personal and professional lives that each one of us are trying so hard to be productive to our full potential and make use of the hours we spend doing anything and everything.

But we don’t give undivided attention when we’re in business meetings or when we’re eating lunch with our colleagues or when we’re on social media. We are using our mobile phones during meals, we’re on it between conversations, we go to bed with it!

We are constantly trying to do multiple things at one time, but this “multi-tasking” is not helping, it is making us less productive, honestly.

I realized that no article or any self-help book will ever help me unless I really want to do something about it. I’ve read tons of such articles in 2018, but I gave it a good thought only today (thanks to the whole pressure of figuring out your life on January 1st)

I have decided that I can’t do new things because there’s a lot I am already doing, as the most of you.

What I am going to do is; I am going to stop doing three (only 3) things & I know that will help me grow professionally & personally

I will stop looking at my phone during all my meetings, conversations and meals

I will stop worrying about all that is out of my control

I will stop getting emotionally attached to my ideas and projects

I think this should be easy, I’ve only ticked off stuff that makes one slow. Right?

Happy New Year!


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During the day I make digital strategy for a MNC & rest of the time I make my dreams come true. Founder & Editor of https://clicksdaily.in/

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