Where Can We See Cashaa by the End of 2018 and Further

Cashaa has undoubtedly earned numerous credible and reliable investors who optimistically believe in the travel of Cashaa. According to serious Cashaa investors like us, it is absolutely no hype in saying ‘Cashaa to Moon’. Yes, we strongly believe that it will happen very soon and until the day comes we will be optimistically associated with Cashaa. In the world of crypto currencies, Cashaa has gained a remarkable and significant place that can be replaced by none. Cashaa, unlike other crypto firms, have a clear path in which it is taking each of its steps ahead. The Roadmap in the Cashaa website acts as the proof for the clear planning of the team Cashaa. The team, with the head Kumar Gaurav, is the secret of the success of Cashaa. It is a pool of right talents under the roof of Cashaa, working effectively and enormously in ensuring every move of Cashaa to be a milestone in the crypto world.

What is stupendous about Cashaa, while there are really abundant crypto currencies firms are there in the market? This is a million dollar question which has the most commendable answer for it! VISION AND A MISSION TO REACH THE VISION! Kumar Guarav, the CEO of Cashaa and a serial entrepreneur has a clear vision ‘banking the unbanked’. When I talk about the vision of Kumar, what I can certainly not miss out mentioning is about his strict adherence of KYC norms, failing which will face a simple and a clean rejection from team Cashaa, whether as an investor or an ally firm. Cashaa has strictly regulatory norms and compliance policies and does not come forward to surpass it, no matter how much beneficial it is for the company. Rejection of the 14.37 Million USD for not complying with the KYC norms justifies this statement without the need for any further clarification on this note.

The journey of Cashaa from two years before when it was instigated and to until now and in the years to come have been a great graph to analyse. Let us try and understand the milestones that Cashaa is going to cross in the following months and year. Why we are discussing about the end of 2018 is because, this is the crucial and the most awaited period for every single person directly or indirectly associated with Cashaa. CASHAA PRODUCT LAUNCH! Yes, end of 2018 is when Cashaa is planning to do the sumptuousness launch of the most awaited banking product for the future!

Cashaa banking services will go live during the November or December of 2018, which is when Cashaa is expected to take a boom straight to the sky! From our inferences about Cashaa, it is believed that henceforth, the growth of Cashaa is going to be steady and apparent.

Listing few of the milestones that the team Cashaa has planned to achieve in the months to come:

1. Cashaa is planning to offer its banking services to both individual and business customers, so none is going to be left out from availing the super majestic banking product of the future generation. Cashaa’s multi-currency accessible account is the highlight of this product that the financial industry and investors, even commoner, is looking forward to. With this multi-currency access account, users can save, spend and store EUR, GBP, BTC, ETH and CAS.

2. Cashaa, at the end of 2018, has plans to facilitate international money transfers and FX services which are going to become a revolution in the industry with its state of art features. With Cashaa banking accounts, users can send money to any other bank account to anywhere in the world, through legitimate mediums like the SEPA, SWIFT, FPS, CHAPS as well as on Bitcoin network.

3. Cashaa also has plans to release their own debit and prepaid cards, which can be used like any other prepaid card in the market. Cashaa prepaid and debit cards can be linked to the Cashaa banking account and can be used like a regular debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs, swipe on a POS machine and also for shopping in various web portals. As we saw above, Cashaa facilitates both crypto and fiat money holdings in its account, hence it is understood that using Cashaa debit or prepaid cards, users can access both their fiat currency and their crypto currencies anywhere and anyhow they need.

Cashaa’s luminous team have strategized the effective moves of the company for the following year as well. The beginning the 2019 is going to be a remarkable start for the further growth of Cashaa. Cashaa’s intention is to serve both the individual customers and business clients, not leaving anybody spaced out.

1. In January and February, 2019, Cashaa lends out asset backed short-term loans for both individuals and business customers. Through this service, users who are holding crypto assets and having long terms plans with it can avail a loan amount against the same, without the need for selling it, midway. The loan amount is provided in the fiat currency of the user. Through this inevitable service of Cashaa, users can also enjoy the long term of their crypto assets while also meet their short-term financial goals by pledging the same for the required tenure. Once they repay the loan amount, they can get back their crypto asset and can also enjoy the profit of their asset during the pledged tenure.

2. Cashaa provides credit line for business users which are a very vital service for small and medium business enterprises. SMEs will need cash rotation on everyday basis to meet their business needs, and this credit line service of Cashaa will help them meet their requirement. This credit line can be availed against the crypto holdings of the business clients.

3. In the following months, say March or April 2019, the team of Cashaa has strategized to commence all-inclusive banking services for their business clients. Understanding the varied banking necessities of the business clients, Cashaa has plans to take this step soon in 2019. Through this, business clients are entitled to avail various facilities such as managing vendor payments, payroll processing for employee salary and much more.

This is just the beginning of Cashaa’s futuristic banking services that are going to happen in the end of 2018 and early 2019. The further years to come has really proficient and avant-garde of banking services that Cashaa has planned for us, in order to make our banking experience a hassle-free one.

Thanks to Kumar Gaurav and his brilliant team for their excellence and distinction skills in reaching the goal ‘banking the unbanked’. Certainly, incredible steps and significant achievements are waiting for our Cashaa community in the future! Let the bond of Cashaa community grow further and further and let’s stay connected!