Caring less.

Especially when it comes to the things that don’t and shouldn’t really matter.

There will come a point in time, as you age, that you start to care less about things. You care less about what people think of you. Why? Because ain’t nobody got time for that. In fact, you’ve got better things to do. Better and more important things to think about.

Why should what others think matter?

Especially if these are complete strangers and have no connection to you whatsoever, more so if they hold no value or importance in your life.

You care less about material things. You start to value your health and oh, sleep. Sleep is beautiful and sacred. Your body thanks you for it. Your body doesn’t heal as fast as it used to. Fatigue and tired are serious valid issues and reasons to cite when someone asks why you don’t wanna hang out or go this or that. You find that you start to yawn and your eyes twitch as the night stretches on. Bed and catching up on TV shows seem. More appealing than a drunken night out. And oh, you also save money.

I won’t say that money isn’t important as you get older. It is. But for completely different reasons. You start to look at your monthly expenses and wonder if perhaps you could have put off buying that new top or shoes. You calculate how much it costs to get to work every month and start to seriously plan, with Excel sheets and apps, how much to save and pay your bills and spend on what can be legitimately and justifiably called entertainment. If you have a family, you start to think further into the future. You think and plan for education, backups should something happen to you or your partner.

They say competition is good. That’s if you’re in the Olympics or running for president. But if you’re in a company that places a lot of emphasis on teamwork and cooperation, wouldn’t being competitive ruin the whole idea? Why bitch, gossip and backstab someone when without them, your chances of a healthy and harmonious work environment becomes zero? Like seriously, the real world is bad enough as it is, maybe you’d like to consider making life easier for others because it makes life easier for you too.

Growing older makes you reflect, a lot. You don’t have time to waste, you only have time to utilise and maximise. You never know if you’re gonna wake up to this world the next morning. I don’t suppose you’d enjoy the idea of having left this life with so much undone and so much regret and misery right?

It’s been a long day. I like to spend it reflecting on what’s happened and what I’ve learnt. It reminds me too, to be grateful for the things I have and that I have been blessed with - Family, work, friends, health. I don’t think about past regrets because well, it’s the past and I’m no Doctor Who or Doc to travel back to the past (future or whatever).

I used to feel unhappy and discontent because I thought, believed even that I was to accomplish more at this age. That I was meant for more.

But that’s the thing right? I didn’t realize that I had already accomplished so much. I don’t measure my life by these typical material successes anymore. I measure it by how big my smile is on the bus back home or when I’m lying in bed and just thinking "Wow, today was an awesome day. I had an awesome time. I’m glad I spent time doing this that whatever bla bla".

And to me, that’s plenty enough.

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