Data Tracking Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales

In the current digital landscape, and in affiliate marketing by extension, everything is driven by data. Data increases your ability to make sound decisions and, ultimately, run successful campaigns. Unfortunately, hoarding large amounts of data serves no real purpose if not leveraged intentionally and efficiently. Using data efficiently is especially significant for affiliate marketers, whose competitive success is contingent upon leveraging these consumer insights. Clicktool’s data tracking management software can help marketers squeeze every last drop of value out of the data they collect.

New solutions allow you to use data tracking and analytics to know your audience (including demographic, geography, device, etc.). As stated above, the important part of converting a sale isn’t just the action of the conversion, but also the analytics that enable you to see where exactly the sale came from and who enacted the transaction. Making commission is ideal, but leveraging insights to see how and where you made the commissions will lead to long term growth and allow you to become a better marketer overall. Once you can translate the data into actionable strategies, then you can use that to influence better results.

Okay, so you know data tracking is important. Where do you go from here? If you’ve joined an affiliate marketing program like Amazon Associates you’ll be assigned a Tracking ID code that is meant to be used within their product links, identifying you in their system so that you receive credit for any sales. Managing your Tracking ID is as simple as navigating your Amazon affiliate dashboard, clicking on “Account Settings,” and finding your way over to “Manage Tracking IDs.”

Maybe you’re an affiliate manager. Software solutions have made a marked shift in the affiliate marketing industry by enabling affiliate managers to shift their focus from quantity to quality. Rather than merely keeping tabs on the number of affiliates in a program, affiliate managers can track the number of affiliates driving clicks, and the number of affiliates driving sales. Now, in place of focusing on overall sales volume, affiliate managers are holistically analyzing new and existing customer ratios and their lifetime value. Armed with these insights, affiliate managers are increasing the success of their programs by working on mutually beneficial terms with affiliates that will create the highest return on investment.

Amazon Associates isn’t the only program out there. You can accomplish data tracking and more by effectively leveraging other data tracking software platforms. Clicktool tracks web visitor actions once they move from the ad to your product landing page. Use Clicktool to optimize the success of your internet affiliate marketing endeavors with efficacy, making it possible for you to enact a successful campaign. By making sure you are using the right tracking software for your needs, you can best understand, optimize, and scale your affiliate marketing services.

The future of affiliate marketing is exciting, and it’s closer than you think. As affiliate marketers begin to translate third-party data and other evidence based insights into real-time data, campaigns will become more successful and more efficient. Then think about combining these efficiencies with machine learning — the predictive, automated nature might have these campaigns selling themselves!