Analogue advertising strategy in a digital world

Recently I ran an advert in my local newspaper. It was a traditional print advert in the services section and contained a brief summary of what I do and how to contact me.

Since then people have queried why I, a Marketing Consultant, would advertise in this boring and conventional manner. “Shouldn’t you be using digital advertising instead?”

The reason I advertised in this manner was that I knew who I needed to target. The customers I wanted to target were small to medium businesses based within 20 miles of me, who were looking to run marketing activity. They weren’t the digitally savvy contacts I have on twitter and LinkedIn. They were the businesses already advertising in the services section of the newspaper. The only way I could guarantee they would see an advert of mine was to put my advert next to theirs.

It worked.

This is the most important point for advertising strategy. First decide who you want to talk to, then you can best decide on the channel and what to say. Don’t decide on the channel first, no matter how shiny and trendy it may be.

Start with the customer.