Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments
Julia Serano

A question Julia: If you were filling out a life insurance application, and it had a box “Please check one: Male, or Female”, which would you select?

The life insurance company does not care what is in our heads: it cares about our biology, because that is what their statistics are based on.

Also, what is wrong with simply saying you are what you are: a trans person? Why say you are female? You are a legitimate person either way, so why not just be accurate?

I personally don’t understand the phrase “identify as <gender>”. I am biologically a male, but I have never felt constrained in terms of how I behave or what I choose to like or do. However, I understand that many people do identify as a gender, and that’s ok. It is their internal identification, however — not their biology.

Indeed, biological gender can sometimes be ambiguous. For 99% of people it is not ambiguous, however. Using extreme cases, such as people who have a mix of chromosomes, does not illuminate the issue. I think the issue is really about accepting that some people have a strong gender identity (not all do), and respecting that; but remembering that it is a separate issue from their biology. Do you agree?

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