The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

I did not vote for Trump. (I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary either — both were non-starters for me.) But there are some — not all — of his policies that I support. Other policies I abhor. And his behavior I abhor, in so many ways. I miss having an articulate thoughtful leader like Obama: regardless of whether one agreed with his policies, he was smart and educated. I voted for him his first time around, but not the second, due to his apparent disregard for concerns about unchecked surveillance.

But those who bash Trump, and chant “Resist” need to understand that a large percent of those who voted for Trump were voting against the status quo; and many of them do want some of the policies. So remember that taking down the person might take down the policies; and remember that not everyone wants that, and that does not mean that they are racist or bigoted or any of the other epithets that are thrown around as if political correctness does not apply if you are talking about people who want limits on immigration, or who challenge that global warming is an existential threat (not that it is real).

Joining an angry mob is not a sign of great insight.

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