The Threat to Science No One Talks About
Joe Brewer

Sounds hysterical to me. The fact is, weather pattern changes have been the norm throughout the Holocene, as the glaciers retreated and humans migrated in response. Human migration has been the constant — why would we think that would change, or that we could change it? — that we, little humans, could control the weather so totally that we could stabilize it? What hubris.

Are we contributing to it? Yes, undoubtedly. But what is often left out of the narrative is how tiny the changes of the past 100 years are — they are literally lost in the noise of the changes that occurred over the past 10,000. Look up the global temperature data for the past million years, and you will see that the current glacial interlude is about to end — history says that we are due for another major ice age. Either way, the notion that the climate would be stable if we were not messing with it — that is the folly: climate change is continuous, with or without us, and humans have always migrated in response.

Also, while I care greatly about the environment — having clean air is important to me — all the hysteria around climate change seems so misplaced to me, given that other existential threats are far more worrisome. If humans don’t survive the 21st century, it will not be due to climate change — it will be due to technology that gets away from us. Worrying about climate change is like a man in a burning house worrying about having enough milk in the fridge.

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