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Yes, there was a-lot wrong during the time period. And there was a-lot that was right. It was a mix. I also am glad that racism is on the retreat (mostly).

But some things that were really wonderful: Walking home from school. Less traffic, less density. A calmness that does not exist today. Doing one thing at a time. Focus. People had time. Everything was a big deal — today, so many things are taken for granted, e.g., “Oh, you’re going to France next week? Yeah, I went last fall. No big deal.” And hope for the future: there was a pervasive feeling that the future would be better: now there is a general feeling that we are headed for disaster.

Some big disappointments today: When I was growing up in the ’60s, I thought that by the year 2000 we would have based on Mars and the Moon, and big fancy space stations in orbit, and that I would be able to visit those places. Didn’t happen, mostly because all those plans got canned in 1971/72 — the Vietnam War had tapped us out so much that we could not afford adventure.

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