Looking For A New Startup Idea in 2014? Steal One Of These 

I have so many ideas that sometimes I can’t even process them anymore, and if you’re reading this, you probably can relate. Since I know I’ll never get around to bringing all of these ideas to life, I thought I’d share them and hope that someone else will.

I’d really like to see these ideas brought to life. I believe some of these have the potential to make life better. So here they are, in no particular order:

Stranded: Uber for Roadside Assistance. Car stopped, flat tire, locked out of your car? Press a button and the closest Help Car would be on the way. You can watch the Help Car as its on its way to you.

MallHopp: It’s a mobile shopping app that gives people total control and the freedom to shop at any mall, in any city, from anywhere in the world. Just think… “Every mall in every city, in your pocket”

CandyBoxx: Sweet, yummy treats delivered to your door every month. (Slogan: Make life sweet)

Snapbuy: Say you’re eating your favorite bag of chips or just ran out of milk. Snapbuy is a mobile app that allows you to snap a pic of a product and have it delivered to your door.

50FD (50FirstDates): This mobile app helps people find a date for specific day or event. Need a date for a wedding next week? New movie comes out tomorrow and want to go with someone? Need a date for a dinner party?

SubscriptionForThat: Helps people find subscription services for anything. This app would search/aggregate services like Dollar Shave Club, BirchBox, ManPacks, BarkBox, ShoeDazzle, etc etc

MoveMe: A couple months ago I was in California helping a friend of mine move to a new apt. She didn’t have a lot of stuff and only needed someone with a pickup truck to help move her stuff. We ended up having to rent a huge U-haul truck that was way too big. MoveMe would be a simple mobile app that lets you request a pickup truck from people near by. It would also help people who own pickup trucks to earn some extra cash.

Handwrite.Me: Simple app that lets you type a note or letter and have it handwritten and mailed to someone.

RaidMyCloset: Got designer clothes or dresses that you barely wear? RMC lets you rent out your clothes to people.

Feedbck: Mobile or web app that lets people give instant feedback on anything.

HowWasIt: I love movies and before I go see a movie I always wonder/ask someone “How was it?”. HWI let’s you type in a movie title and instantly get short, Twitter style movie reviews from your friends and people all over the world.

That’s it! I have tons more but these were just a few I wanted to share.