Too many Pricks, not enough Chicks: Why you should Hire Her instead

Its no secret that there’s a huge problem with gender diversity in the tech industry. Just ask Amilia St. John who publicly slammed her own father for thoughts he shared about women in tech. From big companies to small ones, the lack of female and minority talent has become a major issue.

See, I believe in diversity — gender diversity, racial diversity, religious diversity — all of it. I believe diversity creates balance, and balance promotes equality. Diversity not only makes the world a better place, I also believe it makes companies more successful.

For those reasons, I decided to start HireHer.

Hire Her is dedicated to helping women in tech connect with the best companies in the world.

It’s a simple, elegant way for job seekers to browse and discover technology jobs at top tech companies. HireHer will give companies a direct pipeline to the smartest, most talented women in tech.

I truly believe in people, organizations and companies that value diversity. Hire Her is not about hiring women just because they’re women — its about hiring great people who are just as talented, just as eager to solve hard problems and just as passionate about changing the world.

Hire Her isn’t just another place to recruit talent. Its a place where a passionate group of people, organizations and companies come to empower a mission:

To shrink the gender diversity gap to 50/50 and help women in tech find jobs they love.

A note I wrote in my iPhone Notes app while listening to my mom share her story

I look forward to sharing more of the journey as Hire Her grows and evolves.

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PS. Diversity and inclusion matters. #HireHerNow #DiversifyOrDie :)