My response to the debacle of staged photojournalism images

Now that this topic is gaining traction and discussions are ensuing as a result of the NYT Lens blog, the question that’s being asked now over on F-Stoppers is this:

Can Photojournalism No Longer Be Trusted?

It can be but my response to this is simple and straight forward in regaining that trust: Quit staging your photos people!

If you call yourself a photojournalist, then be one (especially as a documentary photographer) — quit passing yourself off as one when in reality you’re an editorial photographer (there is a difference in their ethics of creating images).

You want to understand how to become a part of the solution instead of the problem? Look at the works of what I believe are some of the masters of the craft and profession: David Alan Harvey, David Burnett, William Albert Allard, Maggie Steber… the list can go on and on.

The bottom line is simple and I am reiterating it: Quit staging your photos — your missing some shot that you feel needs to be recreated isn’t worth it.

Never has, never will.