If you felt overwhelmed by the beginning of Trump’s presidency, here’s what you can do


Trump became our President and much of the American public decided that they wanted — needed — to do something about it. How have you felt ever since?

I felt like I was getting sprayed with a fire hose continuously. News broke one after the other. Not only did I have to contend with some things that I disagreed with, but we ended up not even arguing about their merits, but on their execution. We ended up arguing about what “information” was factual and not about the facts themselves.

For me, it was an assault on my sanity. So much was changing. But through that, what I noticed was this: if you’re a millennial like me, you’ve spent most of your adult life under one president, one party. It’s how I thought that the political system worked and that those were the values that America stood for. But now, that’s been uprooted. There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s come with a different set of ideas that another segment of our population holds near and dear to their hearts.

It reminded me of the role that many long-standing institutions play, like the ACLU & United Way; what history can teach us. Parties change power; America leans one way and then the other. But many of these institutions have stood the test of time, regardless of the political climate, staying hyper-focused on a single issue.

The danger that I face is that I see so many structural problems within our society: pay-day loans, for-profit schools, the stock market, civil wars, lobbying, corporate responsibility, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity. If I let myself fall down this rabbit hole, learning more and more about what could be done better in our society, then I won’t do anything about any of them. It’ll just be too overwhelming.

So, my decision is, let’s support these institutions. Help them do what they’ve already been doing. One’s passion may pass, but if we dedicate ourselves to these institutions, then their institutional pull can keep you engaged. It’s easier to go volunteer at a soup kitchen, then to physically go out yourself and buy food for those who need it.

Is it time for you to do something about that which you care about? If so, then it’s time to lean on these institutions to bring about the change that we want to see.