Give a flamboyant middle finger to the cosmos.

My first Medium post was about my God Hole and how I constantly feel the need to stuff it to the brim.

A few months ago I started drawing and painting every day. I’m also documenting the journey in a YouTube channel and blog.

So far this has fit in my God Hole better than anything I’ve ever crammed in there. It has let me control my Netflix and gaming habits, given me a boatload of joy, and has checked and given purpose to my Amazon sprees.

This project has let me feel control over my life in a way I haven’t felt before.

Alain de Botton starts a talk called “Art as Therapy” with the idea that art and culture is our new religion. I’m not sure this is true for everyone but I have found it true for me.

The talk is more about art consumption than art-making.

The God Hole is really about fears of mortality and insignificance. It’s the horrors at facing the realities of the cosmos. It’s the questions that rise up when you stare into the void.

Art is a flamboyant middle finger to those realities and questions. It’s creation in the face of certain destruction. It’s joy in protest of meaningless sorrow.

Any form of creation is art in this way: science, engineering, painting, music, writing, etc.

We are driven to create. Creativity is humanity’s differentiator in natural selection. If you’re of a more religious persuasion, God the creator made us in his image.

Naturally we want to leave a mark or make an impact. In the face of death we want to leave something for the world to remember us. We all scheme up some answer for how we’re going to do that. Ernest Becker called that answer an immortality project. Everyone has one whether you know it or not.

And yet, no immortality project can be immortal. Sure it can work in human time, but in cosmic time not one thing lasts forever.

That is also incredibly freeing. Your immortality project doesn’t really matter and you’re going to do one anyway. You are going to dedicate your time to something. So, you might as well pick something you love.