Men Who Try To Kill Me
Kiva Bay

If the law is not replace with something workable, it will fail on it own. To get rid of Obamacare the Republicans need to do nothing. It is going bankrupt and causing millions to lose insurance, people who had insurance until the bad law was created.

It is a mess that was designed to fall apart so they could replace with what they want, a single payer system. All your whining and crying aside you just don’t seem to get how the real world works.

Take your line about “pre-existing conditions”. Clearly most people have no idea what it is, but think they know exactly what it means. How you define pre-existing is that you have illness or condition unknown to you. You had this before you got insurance, so can be denied benefits. That is a myth. Yes, some fly by night insurance companies did that. They were few and quickly hammered into the dust. Who is going to buy insurance that never pays?

Now we get to what pre-exsting really means. This is when someone who does not bother to get insurance and then finds they have aids or has a heart attack. They think they can run out and get insurance.

That would bankrupt the system, as it is bankrupting Obamacare. You cannot expect to have all healthy people pass on insurance and only insure the sick. That is plain insane. And yet it is somehow become a major benefit we cannot do without.

The Republicans are to lazy to try and get this point across. Instead they claim they are fighting for the right to pre-existing care, while they change wording to insure people cannot wait until they are sick to get insurance.

It is people like this lady who seems to thinks people should take care of here because of a tragic event in her life. Well, we will do our best. We will do our best knowing that no matter how much we do it will never he enough for you. Just as no matter how badly you are treated by the Democrats you will he happy as pie.

The fact that you never even think to attack the Democrat for creating this mess proves you don’t really care about healthcare for anyone but yourself.

We need assurances that some insurance company is not going to try and pull a fast one and cancel insurance on people who get sick. We need to have the right to by insurance across state lines. We need a way so our insurance is not tied to employment. There are a lot of ways we can fix out healthcare system.

We do not need a Government run healthcare system!!!

If you want an example of a single payer health care system in the US, then take a look at the VA. That is a single payer system set up to help our vets.

Guess how great it is working?

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