Warning: Pokemon GO is a Death Sentence if you are a Black Man.
Omari Akil

You blame the racism for the old lady being afraid of you. How about blaming the several young black thugs who have mugged and stolen from the little old lady over the years? How is she to tell you are harmless, this time?

The cops are another matter. They should understand that young blacks are more likely than not a victim of other people justifiable fear. They should approach young black men knowing they are likely harmless and afraid of them.

I agree. This should change, like yesterday. However there will always be a number of young black thugs who beat up little old ladies and react to the police with hostility.

So you are half right. It is time you start blaming the other half of the problem, instead of trying to put a guilt trip on the entire white race. Stop blaming the little old lady who has darn good reason to fear you. Work with the police to rid the streets of the young black thugs that make the world so dangerous for you.

You use the words “ statistically disproportionate” a lot. It is a good point. Now how about using the facts that a young black man is “statistically disproportionately” a threat to little old ladies and the police.

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