Cliffy: A Helpful Guide

I’ve been observing my behavior and moods a bit more objectively lately and have come up with Cliffy: A helpful Guide.

If your Cliffy is cranky, ask yourself the following questions and follow all remedies:

1. Has your Cliffy eaten in the last 3–4 hours? No? FEED HIM!

2. Has your Cliffy had coffee in the last 2 hours? No? DEAR GOD BREW A CUP!

3. Has your Cliffy been on a trip out of the house today? No? TO THE TRAIN STATION!

4. Has your Cliffy played the piano today? No? BETTER HOPE THAT BOOK HAS BEETHOVEN IN IT!

5. Has your Cliffy read a book latley? No? QUICK! TO BARNES AND NOBLE!

6. Has your Cliffy had a date in the last week? No? RUN!

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