Medium can change reading forever

From Medium to magazines; from blogs to books

Medium can be the future of all publishing.

Consider the way we read e-books. We read and we highlight and bookmark. Here we can only see what we think.

Consider the way we read articles online. We read and engage in threaded comments that are hard to follow. We soon lose sight of the post the further down into the thread we go.

Medium allows you to see what people think about a passage in its context, just like writing in the margin of a book. Right now you can see what others are saying about a passage on a Medium post.

But, what if we plugged Facebook into the platform, so we can see what our friends are saying about our favorite posts?

This is clearly a rough UI for demonstration purposes only

What if we plugged in the Twitter accounts of experts and celebrities we follow to see what they think?

Moreover, what if this platform extended beyond blog posts, but into news and magazine articles, and into books? We could see what an expert on economics would have to say about current crisis in Greece instead of unqualified rants from anonymous strangers. We could share our favorite passages from our most beloved books with our friends and family.

I believe Medium is a powerful upstart that can be guided into dynamically changing the way we read and share our thoughts. Medium has the potential to add life to the static e-reading experience. It would be the biggest change to reading since Gutenberg.

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