Nick Huber is leading a growing entrepreneurial movement that’s anti-unicorn—and pro-plumbing

A close-up portrait of Nick Huber with 2D illustrations of paintbrushes, buckets, arrows, and hammers surrounding his face.

It’s early evening in Athens, Georgia, and Nick Huber, entrepreneur and recently crowned startup expert, is about to record a podcast. Huber and his followers aren’t your typical founders. They don’t want to divine the next unicorn, launch a SPAC, raise a wad of eight-figure VC funding, or even break…

Amazon’s first employee, Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife, and one of the world’s richest women is rewriting the philanthropy playbook

An illustrated collage of MacKenzie Bezos.

While Jeff Bezos was building Amazon from a garage into one of the most powerful companies on earth and becoming the richest businessmen of this age, the world knew very little about his wife, MacKenzie, a novelist and a mother of four who helped start Amazon from that garage. Even…

The New Rules of the IPO

The CEO and executives of a $2 billion company candidly recount how it happened — from roadshow to opening day

This story is part of The New Rules of the IPO, a multi-part special report.
Illustrations: James Clapham

It was one of the most hotly awaited IPOs of 2017. Redfin, a Seattle-based real estate site, took off after hiring agents and cutting way down on their fees through technology like…

Entrepreneur Sarah Kauss built a thriving $100 million business — but she never imagined the hell she’d find on the other side

Sarah Kauss makes water bottles. Those bottles hold liquid. That’s it. That’s what your average person might think. But when Kauss looks at one of her bottles, she sees methodical, scrupulous detail, like a mother might notice her child’s Australia-shaped birthmark on her left leg. There’s the bottle’s body that…

Peter Rahal started RxBar out of his mom’s kitchen — then sold it for $600 million. Here’s life on the other side of the entrepreneurial fantasy.

Peter Rahal, the 33-year-old energy bar impresario who sold RxBar to Kellogg for $600 million and became something of a consumer products legend in the process, stands in the gigantic, spotless kitchen of his new Miami Beach mansion. Behind him, floor-to-ceiling windows revealed his pool, his outdoor bar, and Sunset…

Stephanie Clifford

Journalist covering criminal justice and business; novelist (NYT bestseller Everybody Rise). Latest:

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