My Top Productivity Tools

Cliff Weitzman
Mar 7, 2016 · 4 min read

How I get double the work done in half the time and tools that simply improve my life:

Mac Apps:
FlyCut gives you a copy/paste clipboard of up to 100 slots AND formats any text to fit with the formatting of wherever it is being pasted. A must have for everyone I could not recommend it more. (Windows Alternative).
Flux controls pigments on your screen so that your screen mimics the changes in the sun during the day. This way the blue light from your computer doesn’t keep you awake. Flux takes a little bit of time to adjust to, so give it 3 days before dissing it. After that you won’t know how you lived without it. Do your eyes and your soul the favor.
RescueTime track how much time you spend on each website and app on your computer each day, week, and month. This is a great way to measure your productivity and keep yourself accountable. The free version is great.

Chrome Extensions:
Sales Navigator (previously Rapportive) gives you a short bio and photo of everyone you email. A great way to confirm you have someone’s correct email address.
AdBlock no more ads when you browse the web, no more YouTube ads. This is gold!
Facebook Eradicator eliminates Facebook timeline, so you don’t waste time on it.
Remove Suggestions on YouTube to avoid distractions and boost productivity. This way you will only get the content you specifically search for and stop getting off task as a result of a fluffy cat video.
Momentum add beautiful images to your life.
OneTab compresses all your tabs into one tab to get rid of clutter.
Video Speed Controller play videos on your browser at a faster speed by default. Gives you the ability to speed up/slow down almost any video player by .1 increments by clicking “d” or “e.” I could not live without this.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts:
Command — Control — Shift4, takes a screen shot and saves it to your clipboard instead of desktop. This is so useful I can’t even put it into words. You will be using this every day from now on if you haven’t been so far.
Highlight any word or sentence on your screen, scroll down and Shift — Click any other word to highlight all of the text in between.
CommandClick any link to open it in a new tab.
Command — ShiftT, when on Chrome this will reopen tabs you just closed. You can go pretty far back with it.
CommandShiftV, if you use Gmail, by using this instead of CommandV it will paste the text into your email perfectly formatted (but no need for this if you use FlyCut… use FlyCut!)
CommandN, open a new tab or a new Word doc if open on Word.
CommandTab, switches between apps. This reduces my use of the mouse/trackpad by half.
Command ~, (right above tab button) switch between windows of a specific app. This reduces my use of the mouse by another 25%.
OptionCommand [right or left arrow], while in Chrome, move to left or right tab on Chrome.
Command[any number], will move to the tab on Chrome that correlates to that number. Command — 9 will move to last tab.
Grab any existing tab on Chrome and drag it out with your mouse to create its own window.
Shift — Enter, will let you start a new line in apps that normally reserve enter only for sending and will allow you to enter to the next line in applications/websites that usually insert an extra space between lines.
Command — X, will copy to your clipboard and erase highlighted text. Useful if you want to do both operations at once.
Command — F, search for any word or text on a page. Works in Word, PDF, browser, etc.
Command — A, highlight all the text in a document, textfield, url etc.
Option — [right or left arrow], skip cursor one word to the right or to the left.
Shift — Enter, works in most applications and websites, enter to the next line when typing and avoid having an additional space within lines.
Command — T, open a new tab in chrome.
Command — L, puts your cursor in the url bar if you are on chrome.
Control + tab, in iMessage: select previous conversation/go down.
Control+shift+tab, in iMessage: select more recent conversation/go up.
Command+shift+/, opens the help menu. From there search the command you need and learn the shortcut for it.

Amazing iPhone apps:
Audible using Audible allowed me to listen to 791 hours of audiobooks in 2015 (~100 books/more than a month’s worth of time). I know of few opportunities this effective for personal growth. Get 2 audiobooks free. Checkout my favorite audiobooks here.
Time Buddy best app for dealing with more than 3 time zones.
Turbo scan scan documents with your phone at amazing resolution.
MCBackup backup your iPhone contacts via email with one click. There is nothing worse than losing your contacts.
Find My iPhone when my iPhone was stolen this is how I got it back. Install it now! Better you do it now than regret not doing it later.
iContacts+ sort your contacts by the date on which they were created. Forgot someone’s name but remember when you met them? Open this app and you’re set.
Google Photos automatically uploads all your photos into an online folder with basically unlimited storage.

Misc: go directly to to avoid notifications, newsfeed and the other distractions on Facebook. It’s awesome.

  • Thanks to Taylor Pullinger for editing. She suggests Tab For a Cause donates money to charities of your choice for every tab you open on Chrome.

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