Packing Up

I’m doing it again

For the thousandth time

It seems

I’m just open

To moving

And travel

A been there

Done that

Kind of guy

It always causes

An anxiety of

Some sort

Getting ready to go

Why though when

I’m so good at it

I’m the guy after all

That you want with you

When you travel

The guy with like

X-ray vision on how

To get it done


But inside it’s a turmoil

Until I shut the door

Behind me

And the trip or move


It’s something I just don’t


That there is something

Inside of me

That just won’t let go

I have several of these

Things behaviors traits worries

That have their own life

In my mind

Their rules

Carved in granite

I use work arounds

Because I know

They are there to stay

The crazy uncle

In the attic

Bats in the belfry

Type of thing