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Cute, your words have some truth but one thing and one thing alone motivates the Millennial Mindset, Marijuana. Political hacks and analists do not get it much, a little. Here is the Deal, the young folk know the pots laws are the worst of the worst of the Institutionalized Lies, racist lies that have been memorialized everywhere and have disenfranchised millions. This is the most important issue of our day because it impacts Going to Prison, marijuana arrests are the number one felony arrest and Making a lot of Money based on freedom, the same freedom our forefathers used, with hemp to create the world’s first freedom, economic freedom. Join me, as a writer to compel both of the presidential candidates to support and end to the war on people for pot.

The election will be close. We can call the winner if we can focus our fifth estate power, skill and integrity on ONE TARGET. We will win and in so doing launch a true revolution of direct democracy, the same way we have created the Free States like Colorado, we can free the Nation and the World.

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