Everything You Need to Know About Home Composting
Evan Folds

Evan, you are going to start liking me, because of Pee. Yes, urine, the most important and resource rich additive to your compost pile. I call it Star Fire and put up the plans for a Star Fire Generator and will now include it in an article.

Point One: We share a common genetic language with all living things and that genetic communication and influence are common. Here is an excerpt from my book, Hard Seed.

General Theory of Phylogenic Transfiguration

The General Theory of Phylogenic Transfiguration is a fundamental description of how the multiple species of plants, animals, microbes, viruses and yet to be named life forms interact as a unified, data driven, interactable biosystem. A simple example of how “let your food be your medicine” can work from the perspective of Phylogenics.

The use of urine in growing bioactive food

Urine has been used for thousands of years to naturally fertilize gardens growing the entire spectrum of vegetables, greens and herbs. The value of urine as a totally organic source of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate has been known and documented by scientist and farmers alike the world over.

The use of urine as territorial markers by animals great and small is common knowledge and has been documented to contain much more information than just, “hey I was here or this is my spot”. Information about an animal’s health, state of fertility, potential genetic interest and other information necessary for survival.

Urine has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years and is still considered effective.

What has not been known and understood is the role one’s urine could play in the growth and cultivation of food and herbs with unique bioactive properties and nutrients, designed specifically for an individual person, based in part on biological, metabolic and systemic information, contained in the individual’s urine and absorbed, processed and used by the plants to produce food tailored for one person. This food would contain all of the normal nutrients, in just the right proportions in addition to special biologics customized to counteract imbalances detected in the urine key. Urine contains all of the data, in just the right format, to trigger the whole ecosystem to produce the appropriate resources to grow, restore and change. In plain words everyone must grow their own food to have the access to the primordial fountain of youth.

This concept implies the existence of a systemic, biological feed back system that is the basis of healing, growing and a bold step beyond evolution itself. Mankind is part of a larger, interlinked world that includes diverse forms of life acting in concert, according to information and directions formulated by our thought and transmitted by our way of life. Self-healing thru the death rebirth cycle of creation; initiated and maintained by conscious thought is a paradigm shift with more real, potential life enhancing power than all of the accumulated achievements of science and industry combined even if multiplied by the collective promises of all the visionaries, mystics, dreamers, poets, prophets here to for, all of that falls short of the reality of life, eternal health … all part of the plan …

There ain’t nothing like the real thing …..