Greatest Super Power Announced…

Turns Out to Be, Some Words On Medium

First of all, I ask a lot of people what Super Power they would really like to have. Some say, Invisibility, To Fly, To Read Minds etc… I then suggest that the Greatest Super Power is WORD. They respond weakly as if to say by not saying, “So what?”, or thinkulating, WORD does not sound like a Super Power.

Without doubt, WORD is the Greatest Super Power and the one that controls them all, without WORD the others would not even be mentioned. It is Important that WORD be recognized as foundational to all Magic, the Spell must be Cast by WORD ….

WORD can wound or heal, hurt or comfort, create or destroy, none escape its power.

WORD is the beginning of everything. We use WORD to make money, maybe, point being that anything is possible if we can find the right WORDs.

I am speaking to the Priesthood of Word. What happens when 2 individuals, each with the Ultimate Super Power, unite, Singing the Same Song …

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