People should read what’s written, not what they think is written.
Jeff Dickey

Thank you for your cogent and important words but I feel they belie an incorrect assumption, namely that UB is a redistribution strategy.

Firstly, redistribution has already happened, that is how the inequities and the 1 percent came to be and continue to rule. Redistribution by ecopolitical fiat, political redistribution transferring the Wealth of the Natural Resources to either governments or corporation or their hybrid cousin, Fascism. They are all based on their ‘Claim’ to the ‘Oil’. These are both world views that have failed to achieve what you refer to as personal integrity or honesty.

Universal Birthright is a world wide agreement, a new World View, a new economic system based on our consent to share the resources. This is something we can easily and with noble intent teach our children. I did.

Our exceptionalism is based on founded on Individual Sovereignty and Collective Security. What we agree to we will uphold.

So, I say redistribution has already happened and that it is the source of conflict and poverty. We can not fix a system of economic slavery. We must create our own Jubilee of cooperation by claiming our birthright.

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