The Detroit Plan

The Detroit Plan, also known as the George Washington Plan, is a program to empower individual citizens to grow, produce and manufacture hemp based fuel, fiber, food and medicine.

Let these people grow marijuana and create medicine, extracts and the only cure for systemic racism. The economy will take off.

Everyone can grow, produce and make money. It is impossible to grow too much medical marijuana, oil and extract.

The People will buy up all those empty houses and restore every neighborhood.

Just look at Denver ……

The factories will reopen to build the equipment needed to grow, harvest, and produce hemp based products. We will build cars again just like Henry Ford did, out of Hemp We Grow. Look at this.

To the young folk of Detroit, This is your time in the Sun. This is your chance to determine your own fate and destiny. This is the one change that will for damn sure make a difference. We do not need jobs from the Oligarchs, they sent them to slaves in foreign countries, We will create our own businesses and grow our own economies.

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