Florida Gov. Rick Scott is wrong about the U.S. economy not growing

The Impact of Free Market Hemp in Florida

The end of the 70 year old hemp prohibition will be celebrated, like combining the End of World War II and the Civil War at the same time. Society will change and change very much for the better. Let us list a few of the first and most beneficial effects.

Number One: The second the legal oppression for cannabis ends a mighty roar of joy and relief will arise from the millions of citizens who have been subject to the criminalization, disenfranchisement and fear of the Police State. Loudest of these acclaims will be those who use the herb to relieve the many ailments and afflictions of life, especially older folk.

Number Two: A Bonanza for Small Business, the first week will see the creation of thousands of new, small businesses to take advantage of this long repressed opportunity. The growing, processing and manufacturing of hemp based fuel, fiber, food, medicine and the safest recreational substance known to humanity, all mean Jobs, thousands and thousands of jobs as the entrepreneurial spirit fuses with a real opportunity and this in a state, Florida with the unequaled natural resources of water, sun and land. We will grow our own prosperity with the gifts the God of Nature has bestowed.

Number Three: Improved Public Safety and Trust in the Police, this comes from the decreases in traffic deaths, emergency room visits and public disturbances in general as the use of cannabis replaces alcohol and toxic psychic drugs in recreational and medical settings. People will be able to call the police for normal issues without the fear and near certainty of the cops trying to bust someone for pot. The marijuana prohibition is the corner stone of the perceived Police State. When that changes, everything changes.

Number Four: Real Estate will increase in value as the Gold Rush to Florida will trigger valuations in line with the tides of change. Not just Real Estate, every business will rise in the tide of growing and producing real value of intrinsic use. This will not be a bubble but the new normal, green, sustainable and wide spread economic development.

Number Five: Restore the Social Covenant; the Social Covenant is the basic agreement, the consent of the governed, what we all think of as fair. The Marijuana Prohibition has been the worst example of the use of arbitrary and capricious government policy and power to criminalize, disenfranchise and imprison citizens for racist and commercial purpose.

Number Six: End of the Culture War, Marijuana has been an emotional hot button pitting the combined powers of official society, including police, Politians, religious leaders, commerce and the media, all against the People, against the True Free Choice and Right of the People. The Culture War has been commercialized and portrayed as a clash of values with marijuana as the symbol of rebellion against the social status quo. In every category there was disagreement. Many families were torn apart with the older parents telling their children to stop using marijuana or move out of the house and be disinherited. It was that crazy. Why? Because the older generations have been indoctrinated and brain washed into thinking that marijuana is a most dangerous drug, all based on lies, lies that have been perpetuated for over 70 years. If the government and all of society, including the media has been lying about cannabis then they can not be trusted to govern.

The arguments about marijuana were really about the power and authority of government. Most Pro Pot folks have used the herb and most Anti Pot folks have never used the herb, because they believed the propaganda and want citizens who do not accept the official line to be punished, jailed, disenfranchised, their property confiscated and criminalized. Not since slavery has a moral disagreement generated so much social violence and government sanctioned crime.

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