American media is part of the Rust Belt.
Bobbie Johnson

The journalist live in a slave culture, they are on top and do not even know it and probably do not care. The People want JOBs, freedom and prosperity, they want Marijuana. We want to grow, manufacture and produce hemp based fuel, fiber, food and medicine. We want to make some money.

The pot laws are the racist cornerstone of the Police State and the media is responsible for perpetuating the lies. Look at California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Their economies are booming, creative and vibrant, all because of the economic boost from ending the Marijuana Prohibition and unleasing individual interprise. We can grow our own future and economy.

All of you journalist should focus on one thing, Free Market Hemp. The Marijuana Movement is the only viable political movement in the Nation. We won Florida with 73 percent of the vote and are on a roll.

With your help we will turn the Gangs of the Inner Cities into Growing Coops and the Coops into financial institutions to restore our Way of Life.

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