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The Marijuana Church cures racism and poverty, every time. Black and White unite for the rules of right. We sat down in college and shared the herb and our dreams. We manifested our collective moral power by crashing the Pointless War in Vietnam and discrediting the military industrial complex for two generations. Today the Ganja Church is the largest Affinity Group in the Nation and I do dare say the World. We are the fore front of a new form of government, Direct Democracy, that is how we Roll. We are everywhere and Any Church will instantly become inter denominational, multi racial and even mega popular that declares Marijuana to be their Sacrament. The herb inspires folks to share, love and forgive, just what the Great Physician ordered. Think about the Possibilities. Let the Inner City Gangs grow medical marijuana, they will prosper and invest back into the communities. The Gangs will become GrowOPs, God does Will This, and the GrowOps will become financial institutions. The cops and the gangs will become friends as they work together to preserve, protect and prosper. We can do this if only the religious leaders would read the Bible and stand with the People as we use God’s Plant of Renown to restore that which we took not away. Let My People Grow.

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