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Yes, I do. The People need a new World View to mentally, morally and spiritually rearm themselves as all of the current philosophies and systems have failed to achieve peace, prosperity or an adequate form of self government. I suggest Universal Birthright, a claim on the natural resources of the Land by the sole virtue of birth. This changes everything. The oil revenue get distributed directly to the people as our economic base. Universal Birthright is the moral foundation of justice in a modern world, it replaces Communism, Socialism and Capitalism with an idea even a child can comprehend. Next the Agenda …

Nationalize the oil, gas and coal to fund universally desired entitlements.

A Ten Percent Wealth Tax to eliminate debt.

A New Homestead Act to repopulate the land and establish a sustainable fuel and food supply.

Free Market Hemp to provide a green, local and sustainable economy.

These are the words to a song we can use ……….

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