— Open Call for Participation

Can tech industry employees push their employers forward on climate change? This is your opportunity to find out and help make it happen.

The tech world employs many smart, innovative people who want to see real leadership on global warming. However, sometimes we forget that since tech is a major consumer of fossil fuels, and the industry has an outsized influence on policy and culture, technologists are in a prime position to effect this change themselves.

That’s why we created, a grassroots movement to bring tech sector employees together on advocating for more action on climate change.

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Our free online accelerator program provides training and support for employees, connecting them to a network of those in with similar positions and ambitions. Further, the accelerator provides access to coaches from leading tech companies and with relevant skills. The accelerator helps employees break through, whether you have something underway already, or if you are starting from square one.

Join our 2019 accelerator

Based on the success of our 2018 accelerator cohort, which helped generate Wikimedia’s first ever sustainability statement and inspired Mapbox’s carbon neutrality drive, we are organizing a new cohort for January-March 2019.

Join us to look at subjects such as:

  • Making a green team
  • Building a sustainability culture in your workplace
  • Measuring and reducing emissions in tech
  • Drafting a sustainability commitment
  • How to get internal buy-in

Here’s what others have said about us, at the Environmental Defense Fund, on ThinkProgress, at tech companies ThoughtWorks and MapBox, and in a Brooklyn tech magazine.

Who, when and how to apply

The call is open to any technology professional — this includes designers, software developers, analysts, managers, new hires and long-time workers. This is for you whether you work for a startup, a big tech firm, or are in another industry but work in a tech role. Geographically anyone can apply, so long as you note the call-in times and confirm you can attend at that hour each session.

Calls take place every second Monday. We begin on Monday January 14th 2019, and repeat every two weeks at the same time on Mondays, until our final call for the cohort on Monday April 22nd, which is Earth Day. Calls are always at this time:

  • 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 6pm CET

Calls are timed on the Mondays to maximize timezone coverage, spanning from West Coast USA in the morning through to India in the late evening.

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Our policy on information sharing

Accelerator calls are designed to be a safe space where you can ask difficult questions and get past organizational blockers, and we are very sensitive to the need to ensure the right mix of both privacy and sharing.

By default we operate on Chatham House rules, meaning people can reference your stories, but can’t attribute them to you. Additionally, at any time you are free to request complete confidence in what you are saying and it will be fully respected. Read more in our Code of Conduct.

Climate change is a crucial test of our time. We are excited that you are interested in helping your company do its part! We look forward to your application.

Apply now for the 2019 accelerator