Offsets for all types

Carbon offsets are available in a wide variety of project types. The Reserve currently has 18 protocols that provide guidance on quantifying, monitoring, and verifying GHG emission reductions in different sectors. This variety allows offsetters to use offsets that are most meaningful to their mission, vision, and philosophies. Finding the right match for offsets is easier than you think! Here’s a quick glimpse of some great matches between offsetters and offsets:

* Hikers = Forest: because it’s where they hike.
* Hipsters = Urban Forest: because they’re both elemental components of a cosmopolitan metropolis.
* Romantic = Rice: because romantics need rice to throw at weddings.
* Upcycler = Landfill: because like landfill offset projects, upcyclers transform waste into a benefit.
* Foodie = Composting: because composting involves food, and food is loved by foodies.
* Sci Fi Fans = ODS: because ODS involves space-adjacent atmospheric layers, destruction, technology.
* Green Thumb = Nitrogen Management: because land cultivation is important.
* Fitness Buffs = Livestock: because fitness buffs want to improve their dairy-air.
* Californian = Grassland: because we so miss our green grassy lawns that have disappeared in this drought.