This is how Big Oil will die
Seth Miller

I predict none of your predictions will come true.

Fossil fuels will continue to grow in popularity for at least the next few hundred years, unless there is a breakthrough in Fusion reactors.

These government-subsidized kiddie technologies, the unreliables, will never drop as low as oil, and oil is getting cheaper as the technology gets better.

Fracking technology is exploding with innovation, getting cheaper every year to extract, and there are thousands of years of oil in the ground yet. There is 500 years of oil just under Colorado/Idaho with the Green River Formation.

Fossil fuels are here to stay. Enjoy your fossil fuel products, and let me know when there’s a dip in the growth of fossil fuels. (hint…not in our lifetimes)

You should be spending your effort on getting energy to the few billion people who don’t even have access to a sufficient amount of energy to eke out a living; forcing them to remain in perpetual poverty.

You should be more concerned about the people who actually need help, rather than your pie-in-the-sky utopia that has no foundation in economic reality. And analogies won’t help you.