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You get a brilliant idea build that app! As you think more about it, the more you are convinced that this is going to be a game changer.

What do you do next?

You bounce this idea with some people around you to check their reaction. They could be your friends or colleagues or even some mentors or start-up experts.

They hear your idea and guess what? They don’t look like as much excited about it as you are, not even 10% of it. In fact, they have serious doubts about its viability.

The end of the story is as much expected! …

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Working on side-project is designed to bring a richness to your life, because of the sheer variety of things that it makes you engage with.

But, this also causes a challenge.

In your day job, you wear an employee hat, while you wear multiple ranges of hats in your spare time when you are coding for your side project when you are working through bringing new signups or when you are sending email replies to your customer.

How does this play on our mental clarity and focus?

What exactly is focus? Focus is defined by the experts as the ability to concentrate on an activity of interest or importance while ignoring other things. …

If you search on Google, the term solopreneur will throw a range of definitions.

Macmillan dictionary defines a solopreneur as a business owner who works and runs their business alone.

But, that’s not a complete definition. Because, going by this definition, all freelancers and consultants fit under the category.

Solopreneurs are beyond that. They are also makers. They have an inherently entrepreneurial mindset, and they prefer single-handedly managing their business affairs.

So, we are talking about guys who build something on their own.


Solopreneurs may work alone, but it doesn’t mean they don’t collaborate with other entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Turning into a fruitful solopreneur is an activity of perseverance, persistence, and resourcefulness. …

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