What skills do graduate employers look for

Every single year thousands of graduates leaving university conduct a graduate jobs search to find a job role related to their studies. A common problem is that graduates often possess the correct skills to start work immediately and with ease however they don’t have the necessary skills to conduct a thorough job search. Along with this many graduates produce lacklustre CV’s and applications, with so many applications to read through employers don’t spend a lot of time reading CV’s so these individuals can easily slip through the net. It’s clear to say that without carrying out a high quality structured graduate jobs search using the correct channels it’s unlikely that any individual will get a fair shot at their desired industry or job role. Those graduates that know the different channels and constructed approaches when searching for graduate jobs make themselves stand out from the crowd and often find their dream role.

Firstly it is important for the graduate to understand themselves; this will help them select the type of graduate jobs they are looking for. For example, if an individual prefers a slow paced role with few projects to manage searching for roles that are fast paced and require a challenge with multiple clients to manage graduate it sales will lead to unhappiness, if given the job opportunity. Those individuals that thrive off pressure and are looking to progress quickly, finding themselves in a role that requires little effort to succeed and little management opportunities can often lead to boredom and little self-worth; this can demean their overall personality.

Most of the times, this is not possible, and the air of enjoyment leads into a murk of disappointments. They start complaining that the job at hand is not the right one for them. Another job is then sought for or even, people start thinking in the lines of a new course that they need to study to bring a better avenue in their path. A course of management or a higher degree is then thought about. For this, people take admissions in colleges or part time or correspondence courses, doling out a significant amount of money.

If the whole of this system is analysed, people would realize that the taking up of the jobs is not about pocket money to spend, nor it is about enjoying life. Working sincerely leads to benefits and appreciation and enjoyment follows through naturally. Those students, who are freshly out of colleges, should concentrate more on the career rather than on the particular job. Job is something that is a present name given to a long flurry of positions which makes for a successful outing for a longer period of time, usually till retirement.

Educational qualifications are right in their place. But the work place and the jobs are no more about the theories that one has learnt in college days. They transcend the boundary of studies and classes. They are more about the practical applications of what one has learnt in the classrooms. Besides the practical approach, a very important factor to be considered is personal growth. And personal growth is not about shifting jobs but making it big in the present company and taking the learning to a higher level.

Tackling responsibilities and carrying out the duties in a disciplined manner makes the fresh graduates know more about the working systems of an organization. There are targets to be achieved. Every organization is supposed to work on certain principles, be it services or products. Achieving the target requires the responsibilities to be carried out in a systematic manner.

The internal affairs can only be learned if someone is in the working mode. The more one works, the more they would be able to assess the situation and understand the limitations. Utilizing the available resources in the best possible way is what management is all about and every kind of job requires a managerial skill, irrespective of the position one hold. Graduate jobs should be selected as per one’s qualification, which sometimes is not very specific, but making the most out of the attained position is something that can take people into progress path.

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