Here Comes Everyone

Participation, contribution and association are all ways users can break the barriers when discussing new media. In Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky discusses how important it is for users to come together as one. In Shirky text the idea of breaking all chains of restriction reminds you a lot of the great thinkers like the ones in the New Media text book. Marshall McLuhan and Licklider both showed similar ideas to the barriers formed through media and how to break them.

In the first chapter of Shirky Here Comes Everybody, he states “we are living in the middle of remarkable increase in our ability to share, to cooperate with one another, and to take collective action, all outside the framework of traditional institutions and organizations” (21). This idea of changing the traditional institutions is something that can be from a range of things. Great technology minds all believed this idea of creating a new form of medium that would not restrict others. A great example of this is Wikipedia. The purpose behind Wikipedia is to allow anyone to put relevant information to a specific topic.

Even though Wikipedia could be used as an extended learning tools teachers cringe at the idea of it being the main source to a research project. Many teachers believe the credibility of a writer is very important. But if Wikipedia is a group based website where anyone can put up information with sources the website should be viewed as credible. The first chapter in the Shirky reading is an example on how your word could mean a lot with the collaboration with media, with the help of masses of people. The word was credible about the girl taking the phone after multiple website hits about the phone being stolen. If the page did not get many views then police would not take it serious but the page repeatedly received comments about the theft which made police act on the crime.

Teachers also feel Wikipedia could make us narcissistic to the website. Marshall McLuhan talks about how avoid being somnambulist. Licklider state that symbiosis is “is the intimate association, or even close union, of two dissimilar organisms” (74). This intimate interaction done with finding research is lost when you are giving all the information but the research what’s the purpose of creating a topic of information if no one will call it credible. Which takes us back to the idea of Shirky which he states “most of the-barriers to group action have collapsed, and without those barriers we are free to explore new ways of gathering information” (22). The only way to learn is to be active in what we want to know, simply because barriers are no longer able to stop you from gaining the information you look for and that has been blocked from other creative minds.

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