Finally, photosynthesis — 2nd-7th July 2015

Edit: the photos are all rly bad sorry! but actually i am not really that sorry because this post is more for me to remember anyway. Still, to all my friends and loved ones who are far away this is for you. Lichen

11 months of daily note prep and studying (ok maybe not everyday – but the days between studying are just that – days in between.) and hoping hoping praying we are clever enough, blessed enough, strong enough

M2 is finally over! (For the first time!! Maybe we’ll repeat M2 again just for fun) Rewarded ourselves w some new sights, vitamin D and Indonesian sea

(Day 1): Instead of going to canoe on Lake Batur as v poorly planned the night before, we forwent our deposit because our flight touched down about half an hour after they were supposed to pick us up from our hotel.

NO RAGRATS nap on rainbow sarong with waves splashing (can’t rly say they were crashing) was a more than pleasant welcome ☺️

I don’t know how else to describe the feeling of basking on the beach except it is probably how plants feel when they photosynthesise. It is like nothing really matters except in that moment the sun is shining, and you are in bliss — completely, utterly satisfied.

(Sorry it was rly a point and shoot picha it does not capture real beauty of Creation and her benevolent Chioness Dowager)

+ Tasty beef udon + Naughty Nuri’s “shake-shake-shake-shake-shake” finger lickin’ good ribs and sweet potato fries ☺️

“.. to be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all” — Buddha

(Day 2): Studying indoors means we have been starved of fresh air and sunlight, which is how we make food. With our renewed ability to photosynthesise we create some marvelous vague orange spicy stuff by the roadside after a great day of wreck (USAT Liberty) diving

Starring possibly the most chio nose ever

Deep in the parts of Bali where non-blonde people actually live and work and exist it is wonderful to be able to speak Malay, because u can interact with the locals :o) (to order food)

Jealous look at other people’s soto ayam ceker
knock-your-socks-off nasi pedas with serious-got-kick sambal. Thank you Sandhie :-) (day 2 dive guide)

(Day 3): More diving and mantas. There are so many of them and we are so happy and everything is worth it and when I close my eyes I see them and I fall asleep with dreams of manta waves and mantas in the sky

100% guarantee today you can see… saltwater – A’an (because it’s a little early for them but we’re hoping to see molamola)
The water is actually more attractive than the food

In the night we also do some other stupid body-harming things over mash potato and “satay” (Lie!!!) and plain but the tastiest pasta ever and conclude we’re a bit too knowledgeable for some things anymore.

“ The Chinese, money is new to them you know? They didn’t have money until like, 10 years ago” – random dude at Smyrna talking rubbish

(Day ?? We have lost track of time and days) Nice lady sells us things to consume on the beach. Without a timeline or an objective (sorry that’s a lie last night our objective was pancakes) to our days is nice to know that sometimes it is okay to forget. Our minds have been stretched and strained for a while now.

(Day 4): Please refer below please ever if you ever go to Bali so you can get the number of this cabbie “MD” (Ma-dey) who is friendly and nice and brought us around for a whole day. Kuta is pretty fun and it’s great to chill on the beach but sometimes it’s worth getting off your ass when the day consists of:

1. Refreshing (expensive tourist) mocha ice blended

2. Silver factory (much more interesting and beautiful than it sounds)

3. Village Hindu temple

4. Buffet lunch (peanut sauce) with view so great it takes away your appetite (Mount Batur)

5. Fake rice terraces in Ubud

Sometimes when I try very hard, I can be very attractive

6. My life is complete because I saw a hang drum it is real it exists

7. Coffee luwak tasting, and also 14 other kinds of beverages. And the biggest scariest guardian of toilet fruitbat ever

8. Ubud market and serious lack of impulse control

9. Wandering around in the dark in Seminyak trying to find good food or wi-fi so that we can google for the former because Pak Malen is closed it closes at 1730h whut

Theory that it is called Jln Sunset because it only functions until that time

10. 33000RP wi-fi with free avocado juice and honest moments w Ching :’)

11. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Massage

12. Stars walking home from authentic Balinese experience of sitting outside Mini-Mart with other Balinese who are smoking and drinking except we are not smoking. Thank God at least Ching purchased some smoked BBQ corn because I think they were beginning to suspect we weren’t truly committed to this Balinese gang inner circle way of life.

P.S writing this while we listen to I See Fire because our hotel is 12 bucks a night and we need some warm music to take a shower in shittingly cold water

And our day is complete.

(Day 5): it is only the beginning of the day (0117h) and it is going to be great I can smell it in the air along with the sea smell in our hotel room left over in our bikinis and rash guards and MY WETSUIT NOOOOO arghhhh

Sleep now more when we awake

1. Returning our surfboard at midday felt okay because though surfing is fantastic (see below how much fun Chiobu is having!) we knew the day was far from over. There was much more to explore and many more calories to ingest

2. Warung Pak Malen I am not rly able to express my satisfaction in words

I am generally quite bad at taking photos, so none of any photos I take really do reality justice. But I was actually fairly proud of this one cuz I thought the arrangement was pleasing to the eye and Ching actually gave me a compliment (omg bucket list #1). Then I realised you can’t escape from your fate because if you are lousy you are just lousy and the picture will be blur or something

3. Gusto Gelato

  • The 5 scoops of gelato in an XL tub bigger than your brain
  • Totally worth it.
  • !!!!!!!! still reeling in the quality of that gelato. Mm-mmm
  • Romantic backyard where time stopped as we slept and we read and painted and basked in the sun and heat because I forgot that I brought a fan hahaha

4. Good conversation with earnest Nyoman in the cab

5. Jimbaran – Ganesha cafe

Sunset, grilled red snapper and calamari, flame!!!!!!!!! Performance at the NEXT cafe that was not Ganesha cafe.. It’s ok because there were ponies available for hire on the beach and in front of ours we get to see — accompanied by live band — some guy fall off a pony moving at high speed.

Lovely company and a beautiful night sky to enjoy it all under, and we both conclude it is a wonderful and rare thing to exist.

(Spot the difference!!!)
Trick question sorry there is no difference as Ching Han is equally beautiful in both

This trip we saw clearly how You provided good people around us at every turn to bring us around, to feed us, to keep us from evil. All good things spring from your fingers and rise from your breath. Thank you God for a great time, & a good friend to enjoy it all with :’)

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