here’s what my homepage looks like. everyone’s looks different, so this might be interesting for you.

Amazon order reports

Here’s a fun Monday night activity: seeing how much you’ve spent at Amazon over given time periods.

On the homepage, hover over “Account & Lists” and click on “Your Account.” From there, you should see “Download order reports” within the box entitled “Ordering and shopping preferences.” From there, you’re given a rudimentary search tool that will generate a Salesforce-like report on whatever type of order data you’d like to see.

Year to date this year (2017), I’ve spent more than the entirety that I spent in calendar year 2016. I’m actually on track to spend approximately double what I did last year. It’s in the thousands, which means, with the Amazon Prime Visa card, I should be getting at least $100 back. Not bad, considering a number of these are work expenses.

Most expensive item purchased in 2016: GoPro, purchased for business.

Most expensive item purchased YTD 2017: also a piece of consumer electronics.

Cheapest item purchased in 2016: $5 Amazon gift card.

Cheapest item purchased in YTD 2017: a hardcover book.

And I could run a ton of other statistical analyses, but then I’d have too much about my Amazon spending habits out in public.

Happy data wrangling.