A friend messaged me today about choosing between job offers. Company A has an offer expiring Friday, is located in SF, and sounds like a lot of fun. Company B has an initial offer, but no confirmation yet on the team she’ll be working on. Company B could be in SF or NYC, and could be better from a career standpoint.

After prodding cursory details, I came to a quick conclusion. In her heart, she wants to sign with Company A. In her mind, she wants to sign with Company B. Her heart tells her Company A is more fun and closely aligned with her current state of affairs. Her mind tells her that Company B is more uncertain: it might be better in the long run for her career and could still be enjoyable.

I argued that she should go with her heart and pick Company A, maximizing fun. It’s how I live my life, and I trust everything works out in the end. I’m calling it here — I know she’ll go with Company A.

A little backstory: I asked this friend if she wanted to try a relationship earlier this year, and she said no — that we would be too far away (my thoughts on this), that we had moved into the friend zone. I didn’t push back because in my heart, I wanted her to come around on her own realization. I didn’t think that a strong relationship could start with a friction point.

Since then, I toiled between waiting and moving on. Truthfully, I never got over her. Every time we talk, however brief it may be, we click. Interestingly, I face a similar choice she faces today: a choice between heart and mind. In my heart, I want to wait, knowing one day something might move the needle in my favor. In my mind, it makes no sense to wait, as it’s pure uncertainty whether the status quo changes.

I’m not calling it here, but I have thoughts on how this all plays out.

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