Do more.

Not having coworkers is tough.

Our investment firm is four people. Three are partners and I’m the only employee. Much of my day is spent alone.

Self-motivation is admittedly tough at times. Not having others to bounce ideas off of means I can dive deep into a rabbit hole and not come up for air for days. And, it’s simply less fun when nobody else is in the office.

Perhaps the toughest part is developing my path. It’s easy to drown in menial tasks when there’s nobody around to push me. It’s even easier for me to get comfortable doing these menial tasks. It’s too easy for my path to become administrative grunt work.

If I don’t lean out and create a framework — that is, set larger professional goals and break them down into achievable steps — then I end up limiting the value I add.

Make every year, every day, every hour count.

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