I didn’t write yesterday.

Instead, I drove around with my friend Kevin and we explored the highs and lows of San Francisco. Literally. We went to Twin Peaks and then Ocean Beach, the high and low points of SF. It was a refreshing throwback to our freshman year, a time when we had time to go out at midnight and yell at the ocean at Half Moon Bay. Nostalgia is a powerful force.

And then we drove to Pacific (Pac) Heights and looked at the incredibly large houses. Yeah, I know, we’re old. The entire purpose of visiting Pac Heights was to look at where we wanted our lives to be. We both want big houses with families, nice cars, and the freedom to do whatever we want (perhaps that’s contradictory?).

After having gotten a great job, convenient apartment, and started finding routine, I forgot how fun it was to dream big. I’m at a point where everything, more or less, is where I want to be, and I stopped thinking about the long-term vision for my life. The short-term satisfaction got in the way.

Step 1: define the vision. Step 2: execution. *highly simplified.

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