Today, I had the chance to catch up with a couple of close friends. One I hadn’t seen in weeks, the other I hadn’t seen in days. Both are friends from college and still in college.

As time goes on, I realize that I have to have faith that the friendships I developed while in college are strong enough to subsist entirely on “upkeep.” While in school, we have the luxury of proximity. There’s a lot more face time, so friendships seem solid, even if they aren’t solid.

The people with whom I’ve developed close friendships are good people, and I trust that they’ll be my friends for a while. Part of growing up and graduating college is finding out who your true friends are.

True friends are the ones who will always be there to judge you in the right way in the right moments. They’re the ones with whom you immediately jump into deep topics. They’re the ones with whom you can comfortably sit in silence and enjoy each other’s company.

I can only hope that my relationships follow a similar model. I see friendships as a long-term version of relationships — I’m the guy who wants his girlfriend/wife to be his best friend. And oftentimes, I want friendships more than relationships, because I don’t like losing people — to a fault.