GOHIO: getting our house in order. If the house isn’t in order, nothing else can be done.

Our roof at the office leaked today thanks to the massive rainstorms hitting the SF Bay Area. Today, quite literally, I had to get the house in order. A constant distraction at first turned into a powerful forcing function. In the moments I wasn’t bailing water, I had to work harder and faster. And now, I have a new standard of productivity — but I digress.

Getting my own house in order is a fine balance. Invest too much overhead in GOHIO and it’s a waste of time, but invest too little time and everything can spiral out of control. Personally, I usually end up investing more time getting my shit together, which means I appear extremely organized, but means I’m slower to achieve larger, more ambitious goals.

So yes, by all means, I’ll get my house in order. But I need to prevent it from becoming a black hole of endless optimization.

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