this is the first image you get when you search “jins sf” in google images.


JINS glasses is a great store in SF.

Not only are the people super helpful, but the glasses themselves are awesome. High quality, made to-order quickly, and super comfortable so far. After walking in today, I managed to get out the door with a brand-new pair of prescription glasses (and a nice, clean case) in thirty minutes.

The store itself is trendy but not overly so. The brand doesn’t feel like it’s trying hard to appeal to the modern-hipster-in-a-city aesthetic that say, Warby Parker goes after.

Speaking of Warby Parker: while I find the experience to also be great , JINS has better frames, better prices, and a smoother process. Sure, Warby Parker has JINS beat on distribution, but thankfully, that matters less to me.

Finally, JINS has frames that fit everyone. In particular, the “Asian nosebridge” problem means it’s often hard to find glasses that sit comfortably on my nose. JINS tackles this with ease.

If you’re in the market for new glasses, check out JINS. This was not a paid endorsement — I just sound like I’m getting paid whenever I discuss a brand that I like (see: Bose, Acura/Honda, Chase credit card services).

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