Late night talk shows

I was never a huge fan of comedy news anchors like Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart. It’s probably because I was never super into politics — I just played with my cars, and that was that.

As I got more into TV, I began watching a lot more videos on YouTube. And, as I watched more videos on YouTube, I began discovering the late night talk show hosts of today: Fallon, Leno, Conan, etc.

For a while, the late night talk show hosts were enough for me. I enjoyed the lighthearted comedy and the superficial interviews with movie stars. But as I grew older, I soon realized how little utility these interviews provided. I listened to the anecdotes, but I never got anything out of them. They were just a way of zoning out from the realities of everyday life.

After the election, I started getting into Colbert. With endless Twitter updates during the day, the evening show began to feel like a stress-relieving recap of the day’s events. I watch clips from Colbert’s monologue every night. SNL even made a comeback in my viewing schedule. And of course, Last Week Tonight has dominated my Sunday evenings since the beginning of the show. My fatigue from politics and news has given rise to a change in TV shows.

Comedy is the best way to deal with issues. With all of the hate, despair, and turmoil in the world, it’s our only escape.

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