Smart bulbs are amazing. Incredible. Magical. (Courageous?)

In the spirit of testing the latest and greatest technology, I purchased a few LIFX bulbs to try in my apartment. And I can already tell they’re going to be game-changers.

The onboarding process is a pain. You have to connect to each bulb individually through an app. Philips might be the winner here — even though you have to buy additional hardware (the bridge or central unit), it might make for a smoother process. There’s something to be said about having a centralized control unit that isn’t voice controlled.

Once they’re working, they work. Colors are the natural first step of exploration. After colors, you naturally try modes and scenes in the app. But once you discover IFTTT and other integrations, there’s no turning back.

Tonight I saw a glimpse of how well smarthomes can work and now I can’t turn back. The future’s an exciting place.